Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey guys "how are you"?  "How are you" is what every kid in the slums say to you when you walk by them!  Don't know where it comes from or why, but you go by a group of young kids and all you hear is "how are you?  How are you?  How are you?"  It is pretty funny!  So hey what does your classroom look like at school?  Does it look like the one in the picture above?  Well the kids in Bhondeni have rooms just like this for their classroom!  We went to the lower campus of the Bhondeni school this week and the kids were so cute, they are all in the first few grades there (K-2) and they were awesome, I put a video below of them singing to us today...we have to step up our game kids, these guys make us look dull!   
These are the cooks at the school making up a batch of cabbage for the kids meals at school!  What do you have for lunch each day at school?  The kids at Bhondeni get to have...
  • Monday- cabbage, rice, beans, water.
  • Tuesday- cabbage, rice, beef stew, water
  • Wednesday- cabbage, rice, beans, water
  • Thursday- cabbage, rice, pasta, water
  • Friday- caggage, rice, beef, water
  • Saturday- cabbage, rice, beef stew, water
So?  Sound good?  My apologies to the cooks if I got the menu right I tried to remember the best I could.  But you get the idea, would you like that menu for each week at school?  Oh and did you notice the "Saturday"?  Yep these kids go a half a day on Saturday, if they did not they would not eat!  So they come and get breakfast and lunch before having to go home, sadly for some with no more food till breakfast on Monday.  

Umm the kitchen at the lower Bhondeni campus....look like your kitchen at home?  Hmmmm?